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Captain Benjamin Adams House and Barn, Georgetown, Massachusetts



The Captain Benjamin Adams House, a classic New England Colonial, was built in the mid-eighteenth century. Previous owners sold the original barn along with the subdivision of the property in 2005.  The replacement barn has been designed as a timber-frame structure to recall the original that remains nearby, and to serve as a complement to the historic home.  Current work includes historic research, repair and restoration planning in prioritized phases for the house, along with preparation of drawings and specifications for the barn structure.  The intent is to document and restore the locally significant dwelling as well as to provide a compatible functional new barn to meet present-day needs of the owners.


Barrett Farm, Concord, Massachusetts



The Colonel James Barrett Farm Preservation Plan is being prepared for Save Our Heritage of Concord.  Work includes historic documentation and preservation planning along with drawings and outline specifications for restoration in prioritized phases.  The intent is to identify former and existing conditions with restoration recommendations for this nationally significant structure. Colonel Barrett led the Middlesex Militia at North Bridge on April 19, 1775, even as the British troops searched his home for munitions he was hiding for the provincial legislature. Restoration of the fragile structure, including timber frame, exterior and interior, is funded by a Save America's Treasures (SAT) grant and private donations. Work is now in progress with the exterior restoration of the house nearing completion as of April 2011.


Gershom and Elizabeth Frazee House



The Elizabeth and Gershom Frazee House in Scotch Plains, New Jersey is the subject of a Preservation Plan recently completed.  The 18th-century carpenter and joiner’s home, during the Battle of Short Hills in the American Revolution, was where Lord Cornwallis demanded bread “Aunt Betty” Frazee baked for the American rebels.  The British troops looted the house, later New Jersey’s largest privately owned (Terry-Lou) Zoo, now in the process of restoration by the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club.


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